Our Courses

In-house course only.

Who should attend

Anyone who works on or are involved in projects but doesn’t manage the project but would like Project Management qualifications.


Assessment via RPL and RCC is suitable for those who have experience in working on a project or administering project documentation and logistics.


Related Training

Project Planning Breakthroughs

Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Project


Graduates of the Project Planning Breakthroughs course can now gain a BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice qualification.

We can complete this with you and your organisation by means of:

  1. Recognition of Prior Learning through an evidence portfolio and an assessment. We provide each candidate an assessment book which outlines the type of evidence they need to provide in order to show that they are competent in each area. Coaching is provided via organised phone and WebEx meeting throughout the process. Students then have a workplace assessment linked to their evidence portfolio.
  2. A face to face method which is offered in flexible options. This can be done either as a week, or over a number of days across several months, evening classes, or weekend delivery. These flexible solutions will offer you and your organisation the opportunity to complete the programs with support from the dedicated Facilitator and assessor of these programs who will work with your team to ensure the practical application and knowledge, with the theory and skills are met for you.

Priority Management is also globally recognised training provider with the Project Management Institute, graduates of both Priority Management’s Working Smart with Microsoft Project and Project Planning Breakthroughs course can obtain Professional Development Units.

Project Planning Breakthrough                                      1161–PMB00020      21PDU’s

Working Smart with Microsoft Project                          1161–TN061161          7PDU’s

To achieve the qualification, BSB41513 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, each student must be assessed as competent in 9 units.

UNIT 1: BSBPMG409A Apply Project Scope Management Techniques

Element 1.1 – Contribute to defining project scope

Element 1.2 – Apply project scope controls

Element 1.3 – Contribute to review of scope controls

UNIT 2: BSBPMG410A Apply Project Time Management Techniques

Element 2.1 – Assist in the development of project schedule

Element 2.2 – Maintain project schedule

Element 2.3 – Participate in assessing time-management outcomes

UNIT 3: BSBPMG411A Apply Project Quality Management Techniques

Element 3.1 – Contribute to project quality planning

Element 3.2 – Apply quality policies and procedures

Element 3.3 – Contribute to project continuous improvement process

UNIT 4: BSBPMG412A Apply Project Cost Management Techniques

Element 4.1 – Assist in developing the project budget

Element 4.2 – Monitor project costs

Element 4.3 – Contribute to cost finalisation

UNIT 5: BSBPMG413A Apply Project Human Resource Management Approaches

Element 5.1 – Assist in determining human resource requirements

Element 5.2 – Contribute to establishing and maintaining productive team relationships

Element 5.3 – Assist with human resource monitoring

Element 5.4 – Contribute to evaluating human resource practices

UNIT 6: BSBPMG414A Apply Project Information Management & Communication Techniques

Element 6.1 – Contribute to communications planning

Element 6.2 – Conduct information-management activities

Element 6.3 – Communicate project information

                        Element 6.4 – Contribute to assessing effectiveness of communication

UNIT 7: BSBPMG415A Apply Project Risk Management Techniques

Element 7.1 – Assist with risk analysis and planning

Element 7.2 – Perform risk-control activities

Element 7.3 – Contribute to assessing risk-management outcomes

UNIT 8: BSBPMG416A Apply Project Procurement Procedures

Element 8.1 – Assist with procurement planning

Element 8.2 – Contribute to supplier selection process

Element 8.3 – Conduct procurement activities

Element 8.4 – Assist in finalising procurement activities

UNIT 9: BSBPMG418A Apply Project Stakeholder Engagement Techniques

Element 9.1 – Assist in identifying and addressing stakeholder interests

Element 9.2 – Actively participate in stakeholder engagement

Element 9.3 – Assist stakeholder communications

In-house course only.