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Who should attend

This course is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of Project Management Software, specifically Microsoft Project.  However an understanding of the basics of Microsoft Office would be beneficial.


A 1 day facilitator led session

Combine with Working Smart with Microsoft Project to gain full benefits of this powerful Project Management Software.

Tools Provided

  • A Comprehensive Learning Guide


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Microsoft Project

A hands on approach working through real life examples and scenarios in Microsoft Project

This course is intended for people who wish to learn how to use their Project Management Software, specifically Microsoft Project to create and track Project schedules. It covers entering and monitoring Project tasks, and a details analysis of the assignment of resources and tasks.

Microsoft Project is Microsoft Offices’ most powerful project scheduling, execution, reporting and budget tracking Project Management Software. Many people mistakenly use Microsoft Project as a project planning tool without pre-developing their own project plan.

If you’ve never used Microsoft Project or any other Project Management Software before, you’re in for a treat. With 120 standard views of a Project plan there is an endless list of ways to better improve your project execution and tracking.

Talk to a local training expert near you to review your specific requirements.

Unit 1 Project Basics

•     Overview of Microsoft Project •     Understanding Project Menus
•     Starting Project •     Understanding Toolbars
•     The Project Screen •     Working with Existing Project Files
•     Working with Views •     Exiting From Project
•     Working with Combination Views •     Project Basics Quick Reference
•     Working with Tables •     On Your Own
•     Working with the Gantt chart View

Unit 2 Creating a New Project

     New Project Overview       Creating Public Holidays 
     Understanding Your Project       Creating a New Calendar 
     Creating a New Project       Specifying Project Summary Information 
     Saving a New Project File       Specifying Project Information 
     Setting Specific Options       Creating a New Project Quick Reference 
     Pitfalls in Changing Options       On Your Own
     Adjusting the Standard Calendars 

Unit 3 Creating Tasks

     Overview of Creating Tasks      Moving About a Sheet 
     Reviewing the Project       Working with Summary Tasks 
     Entering Tasks       Creating Tasks Quick Reference 
     Creating Summary Tasks  •     On Your Own

Unit 4 Resourcing a Project

     Overview of Resourcing       Adjusting Resource Information 
     Creating a Resource Pool       Changing the Unit Display 
     Entering Materials       Resourcing a Project Quick Reference  
     Assigning Calendars to Resources 

Unit 5 Project Help

     Overview of Help       Searching For Help Using What's This? 
     Running a Tutorial       Checking System Details Tool Tip Help 
     Using the Project Map       Project Help Quick Reference
     Using the Office Help System  •     On Your Own 

Unit 6 Task Durations

     Task Duration Overview       Understanding Project Slack 
     Entering Task Durations       Entering Milestones 
     Displaying Critical Tasks       Task Durations Quick Reference 
     Checking Project Status  •     On Your Own

Unit 7 Creating Relationships

     Overview of Creating Relationships       Creating Relationships In A Sheet 
     Catching Up With the Case Study       Keeping to Schedule Using Relationships 
     Creating Relationships Using the Link Tool       Entering Lag Time Entering Lead Time 
     Creating Relationships Using Task Entry       Creating Relationships Quick Reference 
     Using Task Information for Relationships       On Your Own

Unit 8 Project Management

     What Is A Project?       Using a Computer 
     Tasks and Resources       The Advantages of Project 
     The Importance of Planning       The Disadvantages of Project 
     Steps in Project Management       Project Management Quick Reference 
     Project Management Tools       On Your Own 

Unit 9 Assignment Concepts

     Understanding Resource Assignment       Working with Fixed Work Assignments 
     Project's Calculation Methodologies       Working with the Driver Resource 
     Understanding Effort       Understanding Effort Driven Resourcing 
     Creating Simple Assignments       Disabling Effort Driven Resourcing 
     Understanding Task Types       Assignment Concepts Quick Reference 
     Working with Fixed Unit Assignments       On Your Own
     Working with Fixed Duration Assignments 

Unit 10 Resource Levelling

     Resource Leveling Overview       Fix 3: Hiring Contract Labour 
     Creating Resource Chaos       Fix 4: Switching Work Assignments 
     Tracking Down Over allocations       Fix 5: Rescheduling Tasks 
     Fix 1: Changing Work Effort       Resource Leveling Quick Reference 
     Fix 2: Assigning Overtime       On Your Own

Unit 11 Costs

     Costing Overview       Assigning Material Costs 
     Reviewing the Current Cost Status       Using Multiple Cost Tables 
     Variable Resource Costs       Changing Resources Rates during A Project 
     Assigning Daily Costs for Equipment Hire       Viewing Costs 
     Assigning Resource Usage Costs       Costs Quick Reference 
     Assigning Fixed Costs       On Your Own

Unit 12 Printing

     Overview of Printing       Printing Jobs for Resources 
     Printing a Gantt chart       Printing Resources for Tasks 
     Printing Sheet Views       Project Printing Quick Reference

Unit 13 Assigning Resources

     Overview of Assigning Resources       Assigning Resources In Task Information 
     Assigning Resources Using Task Entry View       Assigning Resources In A Sheet 
     Assigning Part Time Resources       Assigning Resources That You Don't Have 
     Contouring Resource Usage       Assigning Resources Quick Reference 
     Assigning Specific Work Times  •     On Your Own
     Problem Assignments 

Unit 14 Assigning Materials

     Overview of Assigning Materials       Adding To a Material Assignment 
     Assigning Fixed Material Consumption       Checking Work for Materials 
     Contouring Materials Usage       Assigning Materials Quick Reference 
     Adding More Material Resources  •     On Your Own
     Assigning Variable Usage Materials 

Unit 15 Project Monitoring

     Overview of Project Monitoring       Tracking Actuals on a Gantt chart 
     Creating a Baseline       Using The Tracking Box 
     Getting Project to Update Progress       Viewing Task Slippage 
     Manually Updating Task Progress       Project Monitoring Quick Reference 
     Entering Delayed Tasks  •     On Your Own

Unit 16 Constraints & Deadlines

     Overview of Constraints & Deadlines       Adjusting the Schedule to Meet Constraints 
     Reviewing Our Project       Creating a Deadline 
     Adding a Constraint       Constraints & Deadlines Quick Reference 
     Using Elapsed Time to Resolve Conflicts       On Your Own