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Working Smart with Microsoft Project

Who should attend

Attendees of the Project Planning Breakthroughs course who are responsible for monitoring the execution of a Project and/or have multiple projects to administrator, current users of Microsoft Project who would like to use it more Strategically for their projects.


A 1 day facilitator led session

2 Days if combined with Fundamentals of Microsoft Project.

Tools Provided

  • A Comprehensive Learning Guide


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Fundamentals of Microsoft Project

Project Planning Breakthroughs

Microsoft Project

Manage the complexities of multiple projects more efficiently and effectively in Microsoft Project

Carry out multiple Project execution plans developed through the Project Planning Breakthroughs method accurately and effectively with Microsoft Project using common resource pools and external dependencies, along with detailed reporting and updating.

Produce standard and customized reports, and develop a process for tracking and updating project plans.

This course will help you:

  • Immediately improve the application of Microsoft Project to your own Project Management workload
  • Allocate and share resources, and resolve conflicts among them
  • Produce reports of value, both in standard and customized formats
  • Accurately monitor multiple projects through proven tracking and updating techniques


  • Familiarity with Project Planning Breakthroughs is recommended.
  • Comfortable with Microsoft Office software.
  • Produce reports of value, both in standard and customized formats
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Project or at least Microsoft Excel is recommended.

Talk to a local training expert near you to review your specific requirements.