Is your training the right training for productivity? 14 July 2014
Productivity Town

By Derek van Braam

corporate-trainingAustralia has a rich mix of industry, business and economies. Yet one area that is common across all businesses is technology training. Your company’s productivity can be directly linked to your existing technology and how effectively your employees use it.

The recent ‘Productivity Pulse’ published by Ernst & Young highlighted some startling findings:-

62% of respondents felt technology is important to their role, yet 42% don’t agree they have the right training to apply technology effectively.

40% said technology had increased productivity levels, yet 39% don’t agree they have access to the right technology.

One of the questions posed from the findings by the team at Priority Management on this point was “Is it that the technology we have is not right, or have we not been trained to use it properly?”

Simple office tools used daily by most employees are often ignored for training. Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise & Smart phones (BlackBerry’s, iPhones etc) are powerful Time Management and Productivity tools, while most employees receive very limited or no training in how to use them.

Other office programmes like Word or Excel can either help or hinder productivity depending on how well you use them. Let’s face it, who hasn’t spent wasted time trying to work out how to format properly or complete basic reports, let alone manage an inbox that grows daily, time that can never be replaced.

It’s critical to get your training balance right, Priority Management clients have been able to achieve productivity improvements of up to 15% for their entire companies, by providing the right training with technology, not always investing in new technology.

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