Unlock your personal communication style and achieve influential leadership success. Master the skills leaders need to positively influence outcomes via communication. Learn to clearly read situations, ask the right type of questions, listen well, understand issues at a deeper level, and communicate with confidence.


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Build better relationships
  • Communicate with greater confidence
  • Obtain the information you need to make better decisions
  • Use effective communications for a stronger team
  • Know how to cultivate “buy-in”
  • Learn the behaviour of a team player
  • Present yourself as a leader

Unit 1 – The invisible assembly line
  • Work in the new economy
  • Discovering how the influencing process impacts effectiveness
Unit 2 – The influencing questionnaire
  • Probing beliefs and current skill levels as influencers
Unit 3 – Influencing in the new economy
  • Learning the importance of influencing in flatter, more responsive organisations
  • Why influencing skills are becoming increasingly important and the definition of influencing
Unit 4 – Essential influencing skills
  • Examining the five key skill sets of influencing
  • Developing Influence Maps
Unit 5 – Getting on the same wavelength
  • The importance of wavelength skills in the influencing process
  • Learning how to recognise body language
  • Questioning and understanding in influencing
Unit 6 – Handling conflict and coming to agreement
  • Fine tuning conflict handling and agreement skills
  • Workshopping with real workplace issues
Unit 7 – Learning
  • The key role of learning, and how to influence learning in organisations
  • The Learning Cycle, and how to use it to dissect a successful influencing experience
Unit 8 – Getting better – Your Influencing Profile
  • Discovering your own influencing beliefs and skills inventory
  • Customising the learning process for your own needs
Unit 9 – Creating influencing action plans
  • The six-step process and tools for implementing and improving influencing skills within your organisation

All staff members who work in teams, participate in projects, or communicate with customers; executives and supervisors who are responsible for motivating and communicating effectively.

  • 1-day session, including self-score assessment, influencing sessions, and development of an individual action plan.

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • Skills Profile