Video Transcript

In Priority management, we pride ourselves on being thought in the era of the latest technology advancements and process improvements. And we’d like to incorporate both those things to help people find efficiency and effectiveness in their day to day workflows.

We work right across the board of most corporates. I mean, particularly I do a lot of work in finance, construction, fortune 500s. Being the facilitator for Queensland and Northern Territory, I get the opportunity to work at the coalface almost with the mining industry. And I get to work with defense and government primarily for working smart with Outlook, projects, training, working smart with teams training, so all productivity based training linked to a tool.

The thing I think I’ve learned so much about in terms of working with Priority Management as an organization is that it’s not actually about the computer programs. It’s about the way in which you use those to work together.

What I’ve found the most useful with Priority Management was how easy it was to access people. They’re always there to support you and they’ve even made the Most staunchly paper driven people challenge what they do and find a way to be paper light, if not paper gone.

It changed my life really. And I did say on my evaluation, not jokingly, I felt like I’d been baptized at the end, I really felt so much lighter and freer. I’m in control of my life, actually I can, I can work the way I want to work. I’m not a slave to a system,

We hear this term work life balance, which is really important to balance in your life. But these days, we’re just going to make sure that it’s the right balance. And it’s the integration rather than just switching off at certain times.

And what we want everyone in our organization to do is to walk out every day feeling like that the results that they got that day made a difference, that they’re making a difference. You know that you’re going to be working with a company that’s really invested in your results.

People are trying pour overwhelmed by information overload. We talk a lot of psychology about the way the brain works and making sure people understand that it’s a tool just like the software applications that we’re using. And if they don’t work together, they’re not gonna sync with each other, then they habits are going to be driven by the default settings in our software.

I love helping people. My audiences will generally find that I’m fairly humorous or I like to think I am. And it’s important to just bring that a little bit of ease into the workshop and just make everyone feel comfortable.

I got involved in 1997. A fellow who bought Remington we’d like the product so much enjoyed the company.

What’s unique about property mentoring is that we have a lifetime membership, which you can come back and do many times over and over. I love the people I work with. We’re almost a family. It’s a great team.

Comments we get back. It’s life changing what we do mean with Priority for 25 years. Absolutely love.

Mario is so engaging and charismatic. He’s professional, he manages to even bring the most challenging participants around.

But also the programs were fabulous because they are really practical. It’s not just here’s how you use it. It’s really about how you embed it into your everyday work life which is what I like about it.

Priority Management is going to give you a really quality product, and they’re going to give you ongoing support after the event and they’re going to be your lifetime partner.