Deakin University

Deakin University


Established in 1974, Deakin University became Victoria’s fourth university and the first to operate in regional Victoria.

Today, Deakin University employs more than 3600 staff and is Australia’s 9th largest university with over 44,000 students, of whom approximately a fifth are international students from over 100 countries. It operates in a global, connected world with all its activities influenced by the digital economy.

Challenge for Priority Management

Deakin University prides itself on providing quality and accountability in all its operations, ensuring that there are appropriate processes in place. Deakin University wants to maintain and enhance the quality and integrity of its research, teaching and learning and their engagement with the communities they serve.

In order to keep providing quality and accountability in all its operations Departments wanted to provide their staff with following:

  • A process to better manage workload
  • Maintain focus on high priority items
  • Establish a more pro active work environment
  • Provide effective communication between Departments

Solution from Priority Management

Priority Management’s core productivity training program – Working Sm@rt with Outlook was the most suitable solution for Deakin University as it significantly assisted to overcome their day to day challenges and helped their staff to stay focused on what is important.

Over 400 staff have completed our Working Sm@rt with Outlook program since 2010. As a result, workshop graduates have played an integral role within their organisation by helping their departments to stay on top of their priorities in order to help achieve Deakin University’s vision and values and maintain its reputation.

Great  session, very applicable! Excellent facilitator

Allison Ringer

Things won’t slip through gaps, more organised, increased productivity

Paul Couchman