Your Customers Matter….Moments of Truth Seminar

Poor customer service costs Aussie businesses an estimated $8 billion per year.

Australia has a reputation for below average Customer Service but recent research by True Local shows how you might be able to use this to your advantage.

The study showed that, as a time poor nation, Australians are willing to pay more for good, efficient customer service. The study also showed an increase in the number of people looking for businesses ranked highly by peers.

With today’s more educated, time poor buyers, good customer service is likely to make you stand out from your competitors and is increasingly becoming a key competitive advantage.

The top customer service gripes for Australians are:

1. Long waits / being ignored
2. Getting the run around on the phone
3. Rude staff
4. ‘Hidden’ costs or additional charges
5. The work was left incomplete or in a worse state
6. Being given a junior or underqualified person to do the job

With Customer Service becoming such a critical differentiator are you sure that everyone in your
organisation is providing the highest level of customer service?

Is everyone in your organisation aware of the critical role customers (both external and internal) have in any business?

A customer experience is the result of every instance of interaction with your company. We call these touch points “Moments of Truth” as each one helps the customer form an impression about your company.

One negative Moment of Truth could send a potential customer to your competitor.

This interactive 1-hour introductory session will show you the skills needed for every Moment of Truth to be a positive one.

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