Your Meetings Matter


In every place of the world today, small groups will come together to share information, plan, solve their problems, criticize or praise, make decisions or ask why nothing has happened since the last get together. In more recent times face-to-face meetings have been expanded through the range of enhanced telecommunication meeting mediums.

Even taking a conservative estimate of five hours meeting time each working week, you will sit through well over 10,000 hours of meetings in your lifetime! You may well spend more than half the rest of your life attending or conducting meetings. So it is important we get them right!

Can you relate to global survey results highlighting the biggest challenges in meetings?

  • Results and follow-up rarely communicated – 34%
  • They rarely start or end on time – 26%
  • Purpose of meeting often unclear – 15%
  • No evaluation, so no improvement – 15%
  • One person dominates the conversation – 10%

Priority Management has designed this program to dramatically improve the productivity of your future meetings. We have taken world’s best practices and incorporated them into a training process that will develop the skills, competencies and behaviours that will last a lifetime.

This session will give you a brief overview of the course content and an insight into how your organisation can benefit from implementing effective meeting strategies.

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