Your Projects Matter…Be On Time, On Budget

  • Do you want to deliver more projects on time and on budget?
  • Would you like to learn a highly visual planning process that can be immediately
    understood by the whole project team?
  • Would you like to eliminate uncertainty and ambiguity on your next project?
  • Would you like to know the most effective method of project scheduling?
  • Can you currently produce a schedule that allows for transparent and accurate
    project governance?

With millions of dollars and your reputation at stake if your projects are not delivered on time and on budget, we would like to invite you to this interactive seminar, which will include:

  • Exploring the most comprehensive study on project management, conducted by the
    Project Management Institute, on what makes projects successful.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of the 3 most common methods of project planning; Milestone,
    Critical Path and Resource Loaded, and their impact on delivering projects On Time and
    On Budget.
  • An overview and interactive demonstration of Objective Driven Logic planning and the
    benefits over other planning methods.

Our project planning process has been successfully used by our clients to plan and execute: a national census, G20 summit, RAAF base relocation, an oil rig re-fit and maintenance, a Madonna concert and Formula 1 Grand Prix. Get in touch to learn how Priority Management can equip your team with the skills needed to ensure every project you manage has the best chance of success.

Priority Management is registered with the Project Management Institute as a Global Registered Education Provider. We are an RTO and a member of the following training panels: CASSS, Industry, Education/Employment, AFP, AGD, DIAC and ABS.

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