Your Time Matters….

  • Struggling to fit everything in?
  • Are distractions greater than ever before?
  • Do priorities constantly shift?
  • Are others’ expectations realistic?
  • Is your inbox leading a life of its own?
  • Are you working longer than ever before?

Most businesses in Australia have gone through major upheaval over the past few years with restructuring, downsizing and constant change becoming the norm. Whilst the share prices look good again the impact on employees from all this ‘squeezing’ is only now beginning to be realised. The term “The Overwhelmed Employee” is now in common use and has been identified as a high priority issue by HR departments globally.

The annual Stress and Wellbeing Survey 2014 showed significantly higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than the first survey in 2011. The cost to Australian business due to poorer mental health is steadily rising and is currently estimated at $28.6 billion.

The Financial Services industry now has the highest rates of poor mental health with 33% of people experiencing a mental health condition each year. Workplace stress, known as ‘job strain’, has been identified as a major contributing factor.

As we enter the era of “doing less better”, rather than “doing more with less”, we invite you to this information seminar to hear the latest research on how information overload affects productivity in your organisation, and your health, and what you can do about it.

Learn ways you and your people can enhance their effectiveness by becoming self-leaders who:

  • Manage their workloads effectively;
  • Achieve their goals with greater focus and energy;
  • Get clarity and know exactly what to do next;
  • Become more Pro-Active and less Re-Active;
  • Focus on the important whilst better managing distractions;
  • Manage their inbox effectively;
  • Utilise existing electronic tools to help manage your time;
  • Create the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Priority Management is a world leader in time & workload management training with more than thirty years’ global experience, delivering training to more than 2 million graduates.

Graduates of Priority Management’s Working Sm@rt programmes re-gain an average of 63mins of productive time back each day!

We believe you can have it allachievement and an overwhelming sense of fulfilment – by making a conscious commitment to work differently.