Our clients are generally busy, constrained by multiple factors and most likely in need of support that extends beyond just one or two days of training. Our approach, therefore, is flexible, practical and empathetic.

We deliver our training in-house.

We’re all for freeing up precious time and energy. That’s why the vast majority of our courses are delivered in-house.

Simply tell us where to be and we’ll bring our training to you. We have trainers based right across the country.

We customise your training.

We don’t like waste and neither do our clients. To make sure your training budget is being invested wisely, we work out what your genuine needs are together.

What’s more, we work with what you already have – there’s no need to purchase any special apps or new software. All of the in-house courses we offer can be specifically tailored to your business using standard office products.

We open up to the public.

We open up our most popular training courses to the general public. If you’d prefer to attend training as individual or with a small group, please feel free to book in and pay online for one of our public courses.

Once you’ve completed one of our Working Smarter with Outlook Courses, you can do a refresher anytime you need to – or get in touch for some over the phone coaching.

It’s all part of the Priority Management Service Guarantee, giving you real support and peace of mind.

For over 30 years now, we’ve adhered to the same simple philosophy: results depend on focus. For us, this means empowering people to consciously and purposefully take control of their work.

We believe that when people learn to recognise and change their subconscious habits – and the way they use technology.

In short, they regain control of their day and become far more able to focus on what’s really important. They also leave work for the day with a sense of accomplishment rather than failure, and with that comes enhanced job satisfaction and the desire to do even better.

If you’re like most in the corporate world today, you’ve got a nagging feeling; either you or the team you’re responsible for could be doing better. But there’s always something taking you away from your larger goals.

Getting by, rather than getting better, has become the norm. We’d like to turn that around for you.

Priority Management Australia is part of a global network of corporate trainers, teaching people how to work more productively and effectively.

Our History

We’re a Registered Training Organisation with a 30-year history in corporate Australia and a proven track record of results.

Over our years in business, we’ve built long-standing relationships with people from all kinds of industries and businesses. We’ve witnessed immense change in the corporate landscape and in workplace culture.

Today, we’re trusted by some of Australia’s largest public and private sector organisations. We believe that trust stems largely from of our practical, flexible and empathetic approach, as well as the ongoing support we offer to each of our course graduates.

Wayne Greenwood profile 2

Wayne Greenwood | Director
Wayne Greenwood has over thirty five years operational and project experience in aviation, logistics, education and tourism. Over 30 years lecturing experience at University and TAFE. Various programs taught and delivered, include Managing Priorities, Negotiation Skills, Strategic Planning, Operational Management, Change Management, Team Decision Making and Project Management. As an adjunct lecturer to the Sydney Graduate School of Management he has delivered international programs in Globalisation & Strategy in Australia, China and Sri Lanka. In addition he has facilitated PMI approved project management training and development courses in China, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, The United States, Canada, Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa over the last 10 years.

mario halouvas team

Mario Halouvas | CEO
Mario is a Productivity Specialist, Technology Expert, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Training Facilitator, Executive Coach and CEO for Priority Management. With a natural flair for entertaining, his authentic style and high energy keeps him in high demand as a keynote speaker and presenter. His early days of working in the film and TV industry laid the foundation of delivering effective communication and excellence in customer service. A natural leader, Mario facilitates and manages internal and external programs and the latest resources and technology resources for organisations. He has extensive experience in Leadership Training, Change Management and Team Building. He has a BA (Mass Communications), Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, and more than ten years experience as a Facilitator and Executive Coach. See more about Mario Here.

Brett Handley

Brett Handley | CFO
Brett Handley is an experienced GM of Business and Finance / CFO having worked for large international and Australian corporations such as Toyota.  He has over 30 years’ experience in the accounting and finance sector and has been instrumental in helping small to medium size companies to increase their net worth and solve their business related issues. Brett’s close working relationship with the management team within Priority Management has enabled the company to keep pace with the ever changing products now available in the market place as many corporations adopt new software to help run their businesses. Our development and facilitation teams across the globe and in Australia research the latest material that meets the demand of our customers with our unique life time support; something no other company has been able to invest in or offer.