Is your team ready to ‘lunch and learn’ – or ‘brunch and learn’?

We’ve taken all we know about working more productively and efficiently in today’s workplace and packaged it into three interactive and entertaining one-hour seminars. We know it’s hard to find time in the day for learning, so tell your team to bring their lunch and we’ll lunch and learn together, without eating into any of your work day.

Wayne Greenwood

Wayne Greenwood

Director & Corporate Trainer

Mario Halouvas

Mario Halouvas

National Learning and Development Manager + Facilitator

Dani Bennett image 3

Dani Bennett

Executive Coach & Corporate Training Facilitator

Gedd Busch image 3

Gedd Busch

Executive Coach & Corporate Training Facilitator

Robby Stuart

Robby Stuart

Executive Coach & Corporate Training Facilitator


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The topics we cover are those that will always matter in business: time management, meeting management, and project management. And we cover it all in the space of lunch hour.

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    Our Presentations

    Our Topics

    The topics we cover are those that will always matter in business: time management, meeting management, and project management. And we cover it all in the space of lunch hour.

    your Time Matters

    Reap the benefits of becoming a self-manager

    Are you struggling to fit everything in? Are distractions greater than ever before? Is your inbox leading a life of its own? Stressful isn’t it?

    As we enter the era of “doing less, better”, rather than “doing more with less”, we invite you and your team to learn the secrets to becoming self-managers with our 1 hour Your Time Matters seminar. Self-managers:

    • manage workloads effectively
    • achieve goals with greater focus and energy
    • get clarity and know exactly what to do next
    • are much more pro-active than re-active
    • can focus on the important while managing distractions
    • use the tools that are readily available to them to do all of the above.
    your team matters

    Support and Empower Your Team to Work Together Better

    Is your team struggling to work collaboratively? Can’t decide which “team tool” to use? Missing a common shared set of principles and processes within your team? Too many communication channels for one project? Not sure how MS Teams fits into Office 365?

    For an organisation to excel, it needs to ensure that shared common processes and tools are maximised. This presentation can help you to:

    • Build teams within MS Teams
    • Establish rules of engagement
    • Set up MS Teams to enable Best Practice Teamwork


    • How to manage both operational and project tasks
    • How MS Teams fits within the Office 365 Collaboration Toolkit
    • The key role of Working Sm@rt to enhance team performance
    Your Meetings Matter

    Dramatically Impact the Effect of Your Meetings

    If you’re in the corporate world today, there’s a good chance you’re spending at least five hours a week in meetings – and a large portion of that time is being wasted, purely because of ineffective meeting strategies.

    Over your entire career you might sit through at least 10,000 hours of meetings. When you look at it that way it’s clear: your meetings matter. But are your meeting outcomes always communicated? Do your meetings always start and finish on time? Is the purpose of your meeting always clear?

    Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your meetings with our 1 hour Your Meetings Matter seminar.

    Your Projects Matters

    Be the hero of your next project

    We’re sure we don’t need to remind you how closely tied project management is to career success. But how’s your track record looking?

    How many times have your projects gotten away from you, in terms of time and budget? How many times have you found yourself managing a project that’s being held back by uncertainty, or weighed down with angst?

    If your answer is, ‘plenty of times,’ ‘every time,’ or even just ‘a couple of times,’ then we’d like to help you – and your team – unravel the mysteries of project success. We’d also like to see your reputation go to the next level, solidified by a string of successful projects.

    Allow us to take you through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the great in our 1 hour interactive Your Project Matters seminar and learn how you can apply the winning formula to all of your future projects, regardless of size.

    affective or efficient

    Change the Way You Work Forever

    You often hear these terms being thrown around, but what do they really mean? Are efficient people more productive because they get more work done? Or should you be more focused on being effective?

    In the forever busy role of a knowledge worker, this session gives you some very practical tips on how to achieve a balance and be more productive.

    This presentation can help you to:

    • Learn the difference between efficient and effective
    • Identify strategies that will enable you to get your work done and be more productive
    • Plot your work on a matrix to allow you to better prioritise
    • Implement an effective decision making process
    • Define questions and strategies to allow for greater efficiency
    Influential Communicator Session

    Learn the Impact of Powerful Influencing

    The difference between a good worker and a great worker in current work-places, comes down to their capacity to mobilise the people around them to action. And this is what great influencers do.

    The full day session explores the fundamentals for effective influence across all aspects of work and personal life. This presentation introduces you to:

    • Understand the core competencies of strategic influence
    • Manage the distractors which effect influential outcomes
    • Use “pull” behavioural techniques to encourage others to action
    • Manage conflict, reach agreements, modify behaviours and mobilise actions in a positive and relationship focused way
    • Use sophisticated and influential communication activities to get information received in the way it was intended every time
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    Be Confident in Yourself at Home and at Work

    Do you need to increase productivity? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are distractions greater than ever before? Is it difficult to switch off? Is your inbox leading a life of its own? Are you working longer than ever before?

    When productivity is critical, maintaining your well-being and avoiding information overload are key. This presentation can help you to:

    • Manage your workloads effectively
    • Reduce your stress and create better balance
    • Achieve your goals through greater focus and energy
    • Sharpen your Outlook skill set to gain increased productivity
    • Become more Pro-Active and less Re-Active
    • Focus on the important whilst better managing distractions
    • Manage your inbox effectively