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Gain control of your inbox and emails with our flagship powerful Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook training unlike no other.

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Streamline Your Communication & Manage Appointments Like A Pro

Priority Management’s Microsoft Outlook training courses will give you and your staff the skills, knowledge and tools to effectively manage communication, organise your calendar, and boost productivity. With virtual options and in-person instructors, you and your team will learn all of the tips and tricks necessary to master Microsoft Outlook.

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“I recently had the privilege of taking a refresher course on Microsoft Outlook, and it was nothing short of transformative. It was a wake-up call for me, realizing that I had been using Outlook for years, yet there was so much more to learn and exploit.”

-Wayne Lear, Familia Wealth - 06/02/2024

“It changed my life really. I felt like I’d been baptized at the end- I really felt so much lighter and freer! I’m in control of my life, actually I can, I can work the way I want to work.”

-Carla, Department of Education

“Enjoyed the session and got a few great tips and better ideas on managing emails and tasks thanks so much.”

-Paula Coleman, Planning Manager, Medline - 17/01/2023

“Working with Priority Management as an organisation, [I’ve learned] that it’s not actually about the computer programs. It’s about the way in which you use those to work together.”

-Roslynd, Department of Education

“Went into the course thinking I would learn a few tips on using MO more efficiently, came out with a breakthrough on how I could be the high performer I want to be and still have a life.”

-Amarette Petersen, Territory Manager, Leica - 20/01/2023

“They’re always there to support you and they’ve even made the Most staunchly paper driven people challenge what they do and find a way to be paper light, if not paper gone.”

-Kathyrn, Whitley Corporation

“Outlook to me was just a repository for emails, but now it is transformed into a powerful automated planning tool. Thank you Mary! I also like how you consider typography when setting up the layout and solution.”

-Jianyang Sun, The University of Sydney - 28/06/2023

Such a great course. Thoroughly enjoyed the training and learned so many new things that I know will benefit both myself and the organisation.”

-Bev Clarke, Defence - 18/01/2023

“I had no idea of how much I didn’t know. This is a game changer for efficiency and organisation.”

-Melanie Baker, TMR - 13/12/2022

“The Australian Chamber Orchestra has engaged Priority for 15 years to conduct Outlook training, which is considered an important component of our induction process to assist with productivity. It’s always a pleasure to liaise with Priority Management. As a participant, I found the online workshop to be informative, educational, fun, and engaging.”

-Claire Diment, Australian Chamber Orchestra - 12/04/2023

“Thanks for putting on such amazing training sessions for our employees over the past 2 weeks, we have had incredible feedback about how valuable they found the Outlook training and how great a facilitator Dani is. One employee reached out saying it was the best training she has ever done, which is a testament to how good the content and facilitators are!”

-Sara Learmonth, L'Oréal - 11/05/23

“Mary was very knowledgeable on the material and able to answer any queries quickly and effectively, there are many strategies that I took from the training that will allow me to build on previous knowledge and be more effective working within Outlook.”

-Thomas Davies, The University of Sydney - 28/06/2023

“A HUGE thank you for the OneNote training that I completed. Having completed courses previously, I was expecting similar basic content and a struggle to say engaged. I was pleasantly surprised by Marys knowledge and ability to engage all attendees from beginners through to more advanced users, covering a range of skills, including more advanced use scenarios. I learnt a lot and have already applied many of the skills that I learnt.”

-Kathleen Donohue - 21/07/2023

"Mario is so engaging and charismatic. He’s professional, he manages to even bring the most challenging participants around."

-Julia RT Health Fund

"But also the programs were fabulous because they are really practical. It’s not just here’s how you use it. It’s really about how you embed it into your everyday work life which is what I like about it."

-Danielle, Elserver

"Thank you Mario & Jackie so much again for putting together such an insightful presentation. As I mentioned, the feedback so far has been really positive and a few people I have spoken to in the office today have already made some tweaks to their default settings. Mario's presentation skills were some of the best I’ve seen, and I was impressed with how you were able to navigate between screens despite the technical challenges. Thank you again and I really hope you have a lovely holiday!"

-Henry Drummond, The Law Society of NSW - 28/07/2023

Organise Your Workday & Boost Productivity With Powerful Email Management Technology

Take control of calendars, emails, and tasks with one of the most popular pieces of communication software. Our Microsoft Outlook training gives you and your business a how-to on everything the program has to offer.

We show you the way to working smarter, not harder; whether you're a Microsoft Office veteran or new to their products. Priority Management is dedicated to providing practical, hands-on training that makes day-to-day tasks simple and stress-free.

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What's Included

Efficiently manage your business emails, meetings, and communication with our professional Microsoft Outlook courses.

Uncover hidden content, solutions and features that will bring the way you work to the next level and add to your skill set. Learn new skills and methods for boosting productivity and reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

How does Microsoft Outlook training optimise your team for successful planning, communication, and collaboration?

Here's how:

  • Gain control of your inbox: Utilise features such as rules, categories, and quick steps to manage and prioritise your emails, saving time and reducing clutter.
  • Streamline scheduling: Outlook's calendar and scheduling features make it easy to plan meetings, reach out to other people in the office, and see their availability.
  • Stay on top of tasks: Keep track of to-do lists, deadlines, project information, and important follow-ups.
  • Collaborate seamlessly: Share links and attachments and collaborate on documents using Outlook's integration with OneDrive, and other Microsoft products.

This Microsoft Outlook training is designed for teams and organisations that will benefit from communicating through computer technology in an efficient and practical manner. We cater to all professional roles, from executive assistants to managers, directors, and CEOs.

Our Working Sm@rt with Outlook course is best suited for anyone who currently uses Microsoft Outlook but needs to learn how to do so more effectively.

All our courses can be delivered face-to-face, with expert in-house trainers who come ready with high-level resources and materials.

We also know businesses are growing increasingly digital and offer virtual, online and instructor led courses to meet you wherever you are.

We run software and time management courses Australia wide, including courses in:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Canberra
  • Newcastle
  • Darwin

Our range of time management courses includes high-quality training materials delivered by industry-leading training experts who have proven results in helping businesses succeed.

Our courses include a range of features including:

  • A minimum of ½ to 1 day instructor-led training
  • Additional sessions or follow-up coaching sessions (depending on the course)
  • A comprehensive learning guide
  • Lifetime support
  • Unlimited refresher courses

What is it?
Who are these courses for?
What to expect?
How will it help me?

What Are Your Microsoft Outlook Courses?

Our short yet comprehensive education will teach you and your staff how to embrace better communication practices, utilise custom email templates, and improve your workflow. With Microsoft Outlook in your toolkit, your business will learn how to customise the program to facilitate your processes, needs, and objectives.

Who are these Microsoft Outlook courses for?

Individuals: Stay organised and manage your emails, contacts, and calendar more effectively for day-to-day communication.

Trades: Make communication simple with clients and colleagues, all while streamlining daily tasks and meetings.

Businesses: Simplify communication and collaboration among employees for better processes, project management, and customer service.

Corporate: Manage email, contacts, tasks, and calendars across various teams and locations for improved internal communication.

Government: Stay connected with team members throughout numerous departments and areas with strong data security.

What can I expect from the training?

The skills, tools, and strategies that we deliver are designed to increase productivity, reduce stress, boost communication skills, and help you gain control of your workload. Plus, you'll learn everything you need to seamlessly navigate internet-based digital workspaces.

How will these courses benefit me or my business?

Our Microsoft Outlook courses have one primary focus: teaching your team how to work smarter, not harder. We provide your staff with the skills and tools to effectively and efficiently communicate, organise their workflow, and keep track of relevant information and meetings.

What's more, your business will see a reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, following up on messages, and organising meetings. Less time spent on redundant work means more time spent on staying motivated and boosting profits.

Courses Designed For Your Business

Customised Training For Your Business To Excel In Your Industry

We're passionate about teaching skills and strategies that work for your business. Each course is tailored to meet your needs and objectives, so you can learn and easily adopt practical methods. Contact us today to learn more about how our experts can help you reach brand new heights.

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Flexible Delivery Styles to meet you where you are

Take advantage of our in-person or online training options

In House

Upskill your team with dynamic, thought-provoking and engaging presentations. Our industry-leading, expert team of trainers travel all over Australia to deliver high-quality, 1-3 day workshops in your workplace.
We tailor our resources and strategies to suit your goals and existing processes.


Access high-quality training through several virtual sessions, typically taking 4 hours or less to complete.
Schedule these sessions around your existing deadlines, meetings, and appointments.
We can even tailor our courses to match the needs of your remote team.

Skills and competencies of the program

Learn powerful Microsoft Outlook tools to become a leader in your industry

Email Management

Organise and manage your email efficiently using features like rules, filters, categories, and folders to prioritise important messages and reduce clutter.

Organised Calendars

Schedule appointments, meetings, and events using Outlook's calendar management tools, and share your availability to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks directly from emails, set reminders, and track progress using Outlook's built-in task management tools.

Customisation & Personalisation

Customise your Outlook experience by creating rules, automating tasks, and personalising email signatures with your business's logo.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts and maintain a detailed record of communication history, including emails, meetings, and tasks.

Training that simplifies communication across the board.

Proven outcomes of our Microsoft Outlook Training

Our Outlook training is proven to streamline administrative time-wasting tasks.

Studies from our past students have shown that our working smarter method and tools can save people up to 54 minutes a day.

Take that extra time and energy and invest it into getting better results for your clients, customers, and stakeholders. Other powerful benefits include increased job satisfaction, reduced stress, and a positive work culture for you and your team.

Benefits of our Microsoft Outlook courses include:

  • Improved communication practices
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress and time-wasting
  • Stronger capabilities when using technology
  • Better control over daily tasks

Unlock The Full Potential of Your Workday

Stop the never-ending scrolling and eliminate email overwhelm. Streamline your daily workflow and maximise your productivity with our essential Microsoft Outlook training for professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We are here to help.

Browse our list of frequently asked questions, or contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and professional training experts.

Is Microsoft Outlook free?

There are a few different options to consider. is a web-based email service that's completely free to use. The desktop and mobile applications, however, require a Microsoft 365 subscription. Fortunately, this subscription gives you access to the entire Microsoft Suite for improved workflows and seamless integration.

Is Microsoft Outlook popular?

Yes, Microsoft Outlook is a very popular email client, particularly for businesses and organisations. It's even estimated that Outlook has over 500 million active users worldwide.

Does Outlook work for my business or industry?

If your field of work utilises email at all, then you'll see the advantages that Microsoft Outlook has to offer. It's a powerful and versatile email client that will benefit many businesses across virtually all major industries.

How do I use Microsoft Outlook?

Our expert training will ensure that you're familiar with and comfortable using Microsoft Outlook, even if you're completely new to the program. There are also tutorials and videos to help you with specific questions.

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