What is influence?

The difference between a good worker and a great worker in current work-places, comes down to their capacity to mobilise the people around them to action. And this is what great influencers do.

Understand the core competencies of strategic influence Manage the distractors which effect influential outcomes Use “pull” behavioural techniques to encourage others to action Manage conflict, reach agreements, modify behaviours and mobilise actions in a positive and relationship focused way Use sophisticated and influential communication activities to get information received in the way it was intended every time.

Additional Presentations

Your Team Matters For an organisation to excel, it needs to ensure that shared common processes and tools are maximised. This session introduces you to MS Teams, the new tool for teamwork, communication, and collaboration.

Are you Effective or Efficient? You often hear these terms being thrown around, but what do they really mean? This session provides practical tips on how to achieve a balance of both, and increase productivity.

Your Time Matters When productivity is critical, becoming self-leaders, avoiding information overload, and managing distractors are key. This session shares 5 key Time Management principles with practical tips to better manage emails and tasks via Outlook.

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The full day session explores the fundamentals for effective influence across all aspects of work and personal life.

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