Build your confidence and learn how to prepare for any negotiating situation. Turn potential combatants into lasting partners and watch your returns skyrocket.


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Reduce negotiating time by investing in planning
  • Apply a full range of negotiating skills
  • Eliminate potential misunderstandings
  • Know when to negotiate and when to sell
  • Realise a higher degree of satisfaction from the negotiation
  • Build lasting relationships

Unit 1 – The process of negotiation
  • Discovering the 5 stages of negotiation
  • Preparation, discussion, expansion, bargaining and finalising
Unit 2 – Expanding on the essential skills
  • Dealing with different approaches and tactics
  • Achieving material and emotional wins

This course is suitable for middle and upper management, project managers, senior sales people and those involved in procurement or out-sourcing negotiations.

  • 2-day workshop or optional 1-day advanced workshop

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • Negotiating Planner