This workshop focuses on the challenge of providing practical improvement solutions to organisations that often already know the basics of project management.

This course carries 21 PDUs (Professional Development Units) recognised by the Project Management Institute.


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Develop a complete and comprehensive Objective Statement
  • Create a detailed Execution Plan using an Objective Driven Logic, applied to a Time-Scaled Dependency Chart
  • Apply a simple, yet powerful method to resolve complex resource constraints
  • Calculate a detailed Budget and Cash Requirement Projection
  • Integrate contingency planning through “Scenario Estimating”
  • Determine where and when to best apply project management software
  • Bring final closure to the project through the application of a 3-level review process

Unit 1 – Genesis
  • Clarifying what the project is to achieve
  • Preparing an Objective Statement, a Project Charter and Scope Statement in a powerful new way
  • Examining the roles and responsibilities within the project team, especially the crucial relationship between the Project Manager and the Project Sponsor
Unit 2 – Design
  • Determining ‘what’ before ‘how’ – the requirements for both conceptual and detailed design
Unit 3 – Project execution planning
  • Applying the most effective execution plan in the most effective manner
  • Determining tasks, durations, dependencies and schedules
  • Allocating resources, resolving conflicts
  • Project budget
  • Costs of ‘crashing’ (shrinking) the project schedule
Unit 4 – Execution
  • The reality and challenge of change
  • Two Worlds of Work – coping with operational commitments and project commitments
Unit 5 – Reviews
  • The importance of the review process
  • The morale boosting ‘3-review’ process

Anyone, novice or veteran, who manages, supports or initiates projects.

  • 3-day workshop using case study projects to put theory into practice.
  • Participants will work in teams, completing case study projects of increasing scope and complexity

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • Complete Project Planning Kit
  • Guide book: Making it Happen – a Non-Technical Guide to Project Management