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Over the past 20 years tens of thousands of people have completed Priority Management’s Project Planning Breakthroughs course. A course that teaches the most effective method for scheduling projects. Using manual diagramming tools and a unique set of methods, our clients appreciated the process and the improved results they experienced.

However, the number one question always asked… “is there no software that can replicate these tools and methods?” The answer was ‘no, we’re waiting for that to happen.’ But it never did. Many of our clients tried to build their own software, without success.This has changed with the recent release of OVERGantt.

OVERGantt is the result of 4 years of development. Its key breakthrough is the capability of discovering… and verifying … the vast array of task links and doing this more efficiently and accurately than anything else available.

We at Priority Management Australia are delighted to be the first training company in the world to deliver a training course on this remarkably efficient new software.

This course covers getting started with OVERGantt by:

  • Creating a Project Charter
  • Creating resource-loaded schedules in a time-scaled flow-diagram
  • Allocating resources and costs
  • Producing customised reports.


By the end of this course, users should be very comfortable:

  • Understanding and navigating OVERGantt tables and views
  • Writing a brief Project Charter that links to the project’s deliverables
  • Creating a new project plan from scratch
  • Creating tasks, entering task durations, grouping tasks by deliverables, and creating milestones
  • Entering and verifying complex relationships simply.
  • Establish a resource pool, assigning resources, identifying over-allocations and leveling resources
  • Applying task constraints and deadlines
  • Establishing a Project budget using bottom-up costing
  • Visually determining the Critical Path
  • Project monitoring including baseline analysis


This course assumes the user understands the basics of using a computer. Students should be comfortable using the keyboard, mouse/trackpad, and menus. Knowledge of project management concepts and theories is also an asset, but not required. No previous experience with other versions of OVERGantt is necessary.


Computer Requirements

Each participant will require their own Apple Laptop or Virtual PC with Catalina OS loaded.

The latest Numbers application needs to be loaded and also the OVERGantt software.

It is preferable that the computer you use has a minimum of 8GB of RAM.


Link to OVERGantt webpage: