Successful adoption of MS Teams for increased productivity and performance requires more than keystroke training. WorkingSm@rt using Teams makes MS Teams work by showing:

  • How to work effectively as a team
  • How to apply business processes & structure to MS Teams

MS Teams is optimised for successful Collaboration, Communication and Planning.

Behaving as a team: Assess the current strengths of each team’s essential skills. Learn how team players need to behave to deliver shared goals on time.

Business processes apply the WorkingSm@rt Best Practices i.e. why and when to use the MS Teams functions.

Guidance on 365 apps: As MS Teams gives easy access to all the 365 apps, guidance is given on which to use to help teams sidestep duplication of work, missed information or continuous distractions.

Advice: Have clear IT Guidelines for MS Teams to avoid unintentional misuse, or even bewilderment.

  • Setting-up: Apply the most useful MS Teams options and logical configurations
  • Integration: Understand how to use MS Teams with other key 365 Apps e.g.
  • Outlook: How MS Teams and Outlook co-exist, and when to use each application
  • OneNote: How MS Teams integrates with OneNote for sharing information
  • Meetings & Online Calls: Reduce administration time and make notes
  • Project Management: Plan simple projects and assign tasks with transparency
  • Document Sharing: Collaborate on documents
  • Instant-messaging: Be more responsive using chat-based communications, with ‘Rules of Engagement’

This workshop is suitable for new users through to self-taught, long-term users of Microsoft Project. Users who are responsible for monitoring the execution of a project and/or have multiple projects to administrator.

  • Instructor-led workshops plus Learning Guide

  • WorkingSm@rt with Outlook
  • WorkingSm@rt with OneNote