Benefits of having Microsoft Office skills

Microsoft Office is a collection of business productivity software and services developed by the technology company Microsoft. Its core programs are MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, and OneNote. As not every end user will need all of these applications, MS Office programs are typically grouped together in smaller collections known as suites. Suites currently exist for students and schools, home users, small businesses, and large corporations. Prices for MS Office suites differ depending on the programs included.

Professionals can use MS Office software to create documents, assemble presentations, manage email and calendars, and perform other useful business tasks. Because of this broad range of capabilities, Office has rapidly become the most widely used tool for organising, presenting, and sharing business information among companies worldwide. If you work any kind of computer-based job, you’ll find that proficiency in MS Office can help you produce high-quality work more efficiently than other similar computer programs.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a well-versed Office user looking to beef up your skills, there’s no shortage of computer skills training courses online that can help you attain the degree of Office proficiency that will best serve your career. And if you’re still wondering whether or not the extensive study is worth it, have a look at these four arguments in favour of learning Microsoft Office in a professional capacity:

MS Office Programs Are Widely Used Worldwide

As mentioned above, Microsoft Office is an extremely popular family of software. At present, it’s used by around 90 per cent of businesses globally, which comes to a total of over 1.2 billion individual users—almost 20 per cent of the world’s population. What’s more, statistics show that around 50,000 new start-ups and other small business operations around the world purchase Microsoft Office products monthly.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of good reasons for this many people to swear by Office as a business productivity tool. The software is not only accessible and user-friendly but also highly configurable, interactive, and adaptable across multiple different operating systems. MS Office programs can also be used on both desktop computers and mobile devices, which is especially useful for employees who are perennially on the go and require flexible, agile apps they can access anywhere. You can even work on Office applications from your web browser if needed.

Many Jobs Ask for MS Office Proficiency

No matter what industry you want to work in or what positions you apply for, chances are that prospective employers will be looking for proficiency in at least one Microsoft Office product. Most job ads, in fact, will outright list knowledge of specific MS Office applications as one of their hiring requirements. And even for roles that don’t ask for it specifically, indicating that you’re well-versed in Office programs can nudge your job application through a company’s applicant tracking systems and get it into the hands of a human hiring manager as soon as possible.

Depending on the kinds of roles and companies you apply for, you might also stand to earn more the more you know about MS Office. Becoming a certified Microsoft Office Specialist, for example, can raise your salary thousands of dollars above employees without the same certification. The ubiquity of Office across a wide range of companies and industries also ensures that the skills you gain from learning it professionally will be easily transferable. You’ll definitely be able to use your expertise seamlessly across nearly all the jobs and companies you choose to work with throughout your career.

Knowledge of MS Office Helps You Work More Efficiently

MS Office use has been proven to increase professionals’ productivity by a large margin at baseline, and familiarising yourself with its programs beyond the basic functions will enable you to work even more efficiently. Your knowledge of less widely known shortcuts, features, and formulas will help you save your employer precious time and resources and help drive productivity across your company as a whole.

Increasing your proficiency with MS Office can also help advance your career, as the software makes intra-office coordination, project management, and other complex business responsibilities much more manageable. You’ll not only become a better team member but may also even be given opportunities to step up and take on more leadership responsibilities as a result of your skills.

MS Office Has Extensive Product Features and Support

Microsoft Office’s popularity worldwide guarantees that the company will continue developing and improving it for years to come, so you can expect even better functionality and more tools with each new update. Furthermore, comprehensive professional support is available from Microsoft 24/7 in case you run into any problems with your own copy of the software, so you can resolve your issues and get back to work with minimal downtime. Online tips and tutorials for using MS Office efficiently are also plentiful. You’ll never run out of useful resources to study if you want to develop your skills further.


Computer-based professionals in any industry can use MS Office to deliver presentations, manage databases, and perform other essential business tasks more efficiently. Investing the time and effort in learning the ins and outs of the software will surely make you an invaluable employee no matter your role.

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