We have all heard it before: learning doesn’t, and should never, stop. This is especially true when it comes to your career. Professional training programs and further learning, help expand and improve your skills. These, in turn, will make you more valuable to your organization. (You may even use these as leverage if you’re angling for a pay raise!) More importantly, however, continued learning can help you keep up to date with current knowledge, and avoid stagnation in a role. It can prevent one from feeling bored or stuck, and make you feel more effective at whatever you’re doing.

That being said, it may be a little hard to choose from all of the professional training programs available today. Is it better to get certified in a specific software or to brush up on your public speaking skills? To help you decide, here are five professional training programs that you can take today to help boost your career.

Time Management

People think they have time management down-pat, until they get bombarded with a jam-packed schedule. Indeed, many people nowadays feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything that needs to be done. There are those who would miss meals and do all-nighters just to hit the deadlines. These aren’t just bad for your health, they also make you less productive.

Thankfully, there are classes that you can take to help you become more effective at time management. These training programs teach you not just best practices, but also how to use readily available tools to further increase your productivity. These tools include email and note-taking apps, and even gadgets like your smartphone or tablet. Time management programs also teach you how to organize and run meetings and how to make the most out of every meeting, whether you’re the organizer or an attendee.

Project Management

Another critical skill in the workplace, which not everybody might have or be very good at, is project management. Essentially, project management is the effective combination of knowledge, skills, methods, and tools to complete a project and reach specific objectives. A project manager should be able to initiate, plan, and execute their team’s work and see it through completion. They should also be able to make necessary adjustments if there are snags along the way. Project management programs also train managers on how to achieve project goals in a timely and efficient manner, especially when there are multiple projects that need to be accomplished at the same time.

Customer Service

Are you a business owner whose people often interface with clients? Are you in the customer service industry yourself? Then one of the best professional training programs you can invest in, is customer service and client relations. Customer service training programs ensure that everyone within your company is able to deliver top-notch customer service through the development of critical skills. These include face-to-face, telephone, and email communication. Another facet that customer service trainings aim to improve, is stress level management, which helps when de-escalating situations. Your team will also be trained in proper language when handling complaints, inquiries, and other requests from clients. Remember: happy customers are loyal customers who buy more and advocate your brand, so it’s wise to invest in this aspect of business.

Digital Marketing

There’s no two ways about it: digital marketing is here to stay. More and more people are getting access to the internet. More and more people are spending more hours on the web. Therefore, it’s only logical for you to be able to connect to your customers online. Remember: marketing is all about developing meaningful connections with your audience in the right place and time. If your audience is always online, then you have to be there as well.

It can be difficult to develop meaningful connections on the digital platform.With all of the distractions that bombard even just a casual internet user, it can be difficult to start and maintain a client relationship. This is where digital marketing classes come in to help you maximize the potential of the internet for your business. There are various facets of digital marketing that you can tackle in a course, like market research, email marketing, social media, and Google AdWords to name a few. There are also courses that offer multiple trainings in one package, so be on the lookout for them if you want to specialize in various aspects of digital marketing.

Selling and Negotiating

When it all comes down to it, all forms of businesses are about selling. It doesn’t matter if you are selling actual products or your professional services; in the end, you still have to sell in order to earn. With training programs focused on selling and negotiating, you can learn about techniques and how to apply them so that whatever you’re selling is framed in a relevant manner for your customers. You’ll also learn how to negotiate better deals and sell a suite of solutions instead of piecemeal products.

Training programs that focus on sales also often include account management classes to acquire new customers and maintain old ones, especially those that give your business high value. In addition, there are also classes about territory management and prospecting. These can help you and your people grow your portfolio. For those engaged in telephone marketing, you’ll be pleased to know that there are also programs for telephone sales to help boost revenue in this department.


These days, there’s a wealth of information and various technologies available that makes learning transcend borders. If you’re looking to expand your horizons, achieve more business success, or simply to continue learning as you grow your career, these training programs are great choices.