MS Office Training Courses

Microsoft is one of the most famous brands in the world for client and server software products, especially for office applications. Millions of organisations across the globe use Microsoft products to complete their business processes, such as writing documents, analysing data for financial reports, and managing projects.


Most people know how to use the most popular Microsoft programs, like those included in the MS Office family. Few realise, however, that they have only scratched the surface of how much they can do with these programs. In truth, knowing your way around the Microsoft ecosystem proffers several advantages. Being a Microsoft master could make you a more competitive job candidate or a better manager and supervisor to your current team.


Luckily, today it is much easier to become proficient in the different Microsoft programs and to learn how to use them for specific business applications. Priority Management, one of Australia’s most trusted training organisations, offers several MS training courses with online components. Below are five types of courses available in their catalogue, all of which will teach you a better way to work using Microsoft technologies.


Priority Management MS Word Courses


Among the most widely used programs in MS Office’s core suite is MS Word. The popular word processor may already be your go-to program for writing letters and reports. But how far does your knowledge of MS Word extend, and how many tips and tricks can you utilise to make your documents look even more professional?


If you are curious about what more you can learn, do check out Priority Management MS Word courses. There is a course that involves the basics like familiarising yourself with MS Word’s interface, navigating documents, and making the best of MS Word features like Spell Check and Find and Replace. The advanced course will take you through granular details like using advanced pagination options, making custom tables, using fields and auto text, and editing documents via MS Word’s Tracked Changes feature. Go beyond merely typing text on a page and create documents that will truly contribute to your office productivity.


Priority Management MS Excel Courses


Another commonly used program, albeit one that often requires a steep learning curve, is the spreadsheet program, MS Excel. Excel is typically used for highly technical processes like accounting, inventory management, and financial analysis. Someone confident about using their MS Excel skills for a particular application is a valuable addition to their team.


Priority Management offers MS Excel courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Their beginner course will take you through the fundamentals like entering data into the spreadsheet, using simple formulas, and working with basic Excel functions. For those with advanced and intermediate proficiency with Excel – the course can take you through concepts like using basic data validation features, protecting data, creating named ranges, and using aggregation functions, among others.


You can also learn how to use MS Excel for specific purposes (like data analysis) and how to master the program’s Power tools like Power Query and Power Pivot. Whether you are already good at crunching numbers on spreadsheets or need a little more upskilling, you will get the training you need from Priority Management.


Priority Management MS PowerPoint Course


If your work pertains to advertising, marketing, public relations, or business development, you will probably need to know how to deliver excellent presentations. One of the best tools at your disposal is the presentation program, MS PowerPoint. Knowing how to organise information and present it in clear, appealing, and memorable ways will give you an edge at winning pitches and soldering valuable business relationships.


Priority Management MS PowerPoint course will teach you how to design creative and professional-looking slides according to the best design principles. You will also be guided on how to choose the right theme for your presentation and how to get your message across using design elements like text, shapes, charts, and animation. Create an excellent impression on your audience by learning to maximise MS PowerPoint features.


Priority Management MS Outlook Courses


Some may think that MS Outlook, Microsoft’s dedicated email client, is unfashionable and obsolete. But that assumption is quite far from the truth. Compared to its webmail counterparts, MS Outlook boasts several innovative and reliable features for managing email accounts. That’s why Priority Management recommends this program for those who want to work smarter with their emails.


They offer MS Outlook courses for developing time management skills and maximising the features on either MS Outlook for Windows or MS Outlook for Mac. Learn how to stay on top of your emails to achieve maximum productivity and seamlessly integrate task planning, appointments, and meetings into your email management approach.


Priority Management MS Teams Courses


For office tasks you need to complete with others, MS Teams should be your go-to business communication platform. More offices are investing in MS Teams because it fully consolidates key business communication processes like video conferencing, note-taking, real-time messaging, and document collaboration. It will be in your best interest to learn how to use MS Teams and how to coordinate with your teammates on this program.


Signing up for one of Priority Management’s MS Teams courses will help you learn how to be extra productive with this program during meetings, how to use it to design day-to-day agendas, and how to lead a cohesive team even in remote environments. Find new ways to increase your collective productivity through the use of MS Teams.


Navigating the Digital Workplace with Priority Management


At Priority Management, the goal is to train people to use specific technologies in their offices and to navigate the modern, digitally-driven workplace with confidence and ease. Add more value to your skill set by developing your technological, critical thinking, analysis, and coordination skills with Microsoft programs.


Check Priority Management Australia’s online courses today.