If you’re interested in developing your professional skills, it may be a good idea to pursue further education. Regardless of your current level of experience, you can always improve your job performance by enrolling in time management programs. So whenever possible, take advantage of any learning opportunities that come your way so that you can learn how to work better and smarter.

At Priority Management, our professional development courses are designed to build on your organisation’s existing infrastructure by leveraging the applications that you and your team may already be using. Here are five online courses that we highly recommend to working professionals:

How to Effectively Use Microsoft Outlook

This is our most popular time management course because it encompasses planning, communications, and our Work Smart method. If you struggle when it comes to optimising your time, taking this online course can help immensely. It is composed of six units with clear objectives that are realistic and relatively easy to accomplish.

This online course begins by teaching you how to create a productivity platform and setting yourself up to work smart. Then, you will learn how to use Microsoft Outlook in an effective way to manage your emails and commitments throughout the day. At the end of this course, you should be able to improve the way that you communicate with others, practise priority planning, and get all these new skills to stick. With enough practice, mastering Microsoft Outlook can help you feel more in control of your time and give you a sense of accomplishment at the same time.

Outlook for Mac

While Microsoft was made specifically to be processed by Windows devices, there is also a version of these programs designed for Mac users. This online course is designed for Mac users to learn proven techniques to help optimise Outlook for Mac for managing their time and tasks. You will learn how to organise your email and files, utilise the Calendar function of Outlook, make plans strategically, and form good habits. This online course includes a one-day session covering how to use Outlook for Mac and a coaching session to reinforce everything you’ve learnt from the course.

Working Smart with Microsoft Teams

If you and your team members are learning how to adjust to a virtual working environment, MS Teams is a great tool that can help with the transition. When used properly, it can improve your group productivity and overall performance. This instructor-led workshop course will show you and your team how to apply your business processes and structure to MS Teams to expedite and improve your output. Though the course is geared towards project managers and team leaders, whole teams may benefit from taking this course as well.

The online course begins with setting up Microsoft Teams and integrating it with your company’s existing infrastructure. Your team will also learn how to use MS Teams in tandem with other 365 Microsoft programs such as Outlook, OneNote, and more. Afterwards, the workshops will focus on how to use MS Teams for online meetings, project planning, document sharing, and more. At the course’s completion, you should be able to optimise MS Teams to improve how you and your team plan and collaborate on projects.

Microsoft Excel Courses

Priority Management’s team of experts can provide high-quality training for people who want to improve their Excel skills. We have a range of courses that enable people to properly make the most of Microsoft Excel, whether they are new to using it or not. These online courses are designed to help people navigate through the program—from creating organised sheets to different formulae—to ensure accurate results. Individuals in management positions and regular employees can make use of these courses, depending on their needs. Our Excel courses range from the fundamentals of the program to proven techniques that intermediate users will find helpful.

Working Smart with Microsoft OneNote

Team collaboration in an online setting can be made easier with the help of the OneNote program from Microsoft, especially if you know how to use it properly. Taking notes is a big part of remote working, as it keeps everyone on the same page so that they can work together properly and flexibly. This course will teach people how to create and edit notes strategically and integrate these notes with different applications. Included in this course is a half-day class led by an instructor along with a computer-based training session.

As with any online course, there is no one-size-fits-all program. This is why we strive to provide flexible and effective courses that will work for you and your organisation. As more companies are adopting a work from home approach, we want to aid them in the transition by helping them make sense of the productivity tools that they have chosen. For more information about our online courses, feel free to send us an enquiry.

Enrol in one of our top 5 courses today. For enquiries, get in touch with our team today.