Our Courses

Priority Management Australia is passionate about delivering effective upskill training that will transform how you work. We create tailored programs for organisations and we deliver public workshops and professional development courses in cities around Australia. You can register your interest for us to create a training program at your place of work, specifically for your team working to bring outcomes focused directly on your needs. Please ask us about any customised training or presentation requirements you have and if you would like to attend any of the public training, then check out our PUBLIC COURSESto find one closest to you.

We are here to find the right investment for your employees’ development and the right upskill courses and solutions for your business.

Maximising the benefits of your productivity tools

Our professional development courses allow you to get more out of the tools you already are using. Our certified trainers will show you how to use these tools to effectively manage your stress and workload better which will allow you to have more time for yourself and your family.

The New “Normal”

Times have changed, and employers are now welcoming the idea of their employees working from home. Some are able to function properly in a work-from-home environment, while some others can be challenged. All employees would benefit from upskill training to improve their knowledge and online communication during this time. Leaders also need to feel confident they are managing their teams well while they are working remotely. These upskill courses are a great way to add to leaders’ professional and personal skills online, and they include tips in using Microsoft productivity tools for collaboration, meeting, delegating and more through Priority Management’s WorkingSm@rt® online programs.

Bespoke Training Courses to fit your training needs

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all program. We understand that each company has different requirements to fulfil their training needs. Each company has chosen their set of productivity software to keep the business going. Aside from Priority Management’s online courses and in-house training for these software, you can also send us an inquiry about bespoke professional development courses assisting your team to solve more complex issues.