As our lives get busier with daily schedules become more and more hectic, the more stressful, we become. It is no wonder that the world we live in seems to create a pile-up of tasks on our to-do lists. And guess what? Our to-do lists seem to keep on growing daily with little accomplishments in between.

The answer to coping with all these demands of life is to learn the skills needed to work smarter. The good news is, we have the perfect training program for you. Time Management Courses Online in Australia will benefit you in becoming more productive and effective using different tools. This will be your first step to your ladder of success.

Why choose Time Management Courses Online in Australia? 

We apply the Working Smart Time Management training solutions to this online course. It is a flexible and efficient sequence of behaviour-changing programs, best application tools, and methods that will change your habits towards work. This will aid you to gain direction over your day, obtain stability, and be successful while concentrating on the jobs that are relevant to you and your business. This will yield lifelong benefits. Our training programs will help you be better and excel in your skills.

Who should attend our Time Management Courses Online in Australia? 

Time management courses in Australia is open to a wide variety of audience. It is for your workgroups and teams, including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators, and project leaders who may be currently using different tools and not taking the opportunity to optimise this powerful software.

Our Working Smart Programs: 

If you want to get rid of those to-do lists which are left undone and be better with your tasks our Working Smart programs under time management training online in Australia is your best choice. Start being efficient and accomplish all needed work in time by enhancing your skills in using your tools.

Time Management Courses Online in Australia

Our training solutions are specially crafted for the improvement of your organisation. This will help your team receive practical hands-on skills instructions to aid you to grasp methods for an absolute time management solution.

1. Working Smart using Microsoft Outlook 

  • This will help you focus consistently and build habits on prioritising what is important and critical. Be in control despite a large number of emails and tasks and be a successful time manager.
  • Choose between a 1-day instructor-led using outlook session or a two-hour web-based virtual classroom session for your coaching sessions.
  • Applying the Work Smart method in this course under Time Management Online Courses in Australia will help you absorb proven techniques for an efficient time manage

2. Working Smart using Microsoft One Note

  • This program will help you to be able to collaborate with your team easily and maximise flexibility.
  • Designed for users who take notes and use automated tools to formulate and manage notes.
  • This is a 1/2 day instructed led session followed by a coaching session.

3. Working Smart using IBM Notes 

  • Recommended to anyone who is using IBM notes, this course will enhance your communication and collaboration while you keep on doing your tasks.
  • It will benefit you with management skills blended using IBM notes and help you concentrate consistently and efficiently with your work priorities.
  • This is a 1-day instructor-led session with a coaching session.

4. Working Smart and GroupWise 

  • This is recommended to anyone who uses Novell GroupWise.
  • This course will help you adapt essential management skills using GroupWise tools and handle your time, work, and other activities.
  • A coaching session will be applied to reinforce learning plus a 1-day instructor-led session using GroupWise.

5. Working Smart using iPhone and iPad 

  • Recommended to those who are using iPhones or iPads.
  • Enhance your productivity and take on a business planning strategy. This course, under Time Management Courses Online in Australia, will help you to be more productive.
  • A 4-5 hour session with a facilitator.

6. Working Smart plus Blackberry 

  • This course is highly advised to individuals who are using blackberry and not yet optimising the tool.
  • A half-day session with a certified facilitator followed by coaching.

7. Working Smart using Google 

  • Included in the Time Management Course Online in Australia will enable you to increase your productivity and help you absorb proven methods to be efficient with your time management.
  • A 1-day session using Google with a certified facilitator plus coaching session.

8. Working Smart in Meetings 

  • A half-day instructor-led session or three-hour web-based virtual sessions.
  • Learn to be able to apply proven planning in meetings to help you increased effective

9. Working Smart 365

  • Have the opportunity to learn how to make effective choices when responsibilities arise and continue to be focused.

10. Priority Planning 

  • This course under Time Management Courses Online in Australia will enable you to learn to make effective choices despite the needs and duties at hand.
  • A 1 or 1/2 day class wherein a strategy for fundamental business goals will be created.

11. Priority Influencing

  • Mastery of the skills to have a good communication outcome and achieve leadership by honing your human reactions.
  • This course can be completed in 1 day.

12. Priority Coaching

  • Be the coach that your team needs. Learn how to unleash the potential of your team and be effective in pursuing continuous improvement in this 1-day workshop.

13. Priority Profile

  • This comprises a 4o minute questionnaire online to evaluate and assess the skills and competencies of individuals or a team.

Be equipped and effective with your time management. Give us a call and start your journey to become the best that you can be.

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