Are you preparing to excel as a project manager in your organisation but you are not sure where to begin? Or are you searching for new skills, knowledge and improvement that could boost your career? Look no more,no matter your motivation our Master of Project Management Courses will help you improve your knowledge and skills in Project Management.

There is also easy access, aswe offer all of our Master of Project Management Courses online. We have established the best method and most effective way to learn those skills needed for your success!

Why enroll in Master of Project Management Courses?

There are different projects and types of planning needed for every particular assignment. Sometimes we think we can just go ahead and plan everything out without a reliable project management process in place, but this approach to managing projects is likely to fail once the execution of the tasks begins.

Successful project management is not just about having projects on course, but having good teamwork, good client relationships, having direction for success and allowing everyone on the team to have a mutual understanding of what’s needed to stay on track and to achieve goals.

But to ensure management improvement and to achieve your career goals we highly recommend our Master of Project Management Courses. This will be your first step towards success!

Our Philosophy 

With over 2 million graduates worldwide and more than 30 years of experience, our proven methods help you to invest in your employees’ abilities, focus on career improvement, and help them achieve their goals. This is more about helping them to overcome obstacles in gaining success and provide good results. We aim to strengthen your team’s performance by developing leadership skills and develop their habits by the way they use technology.

By doing this, they take control of their work and focus on priorities to achieve desirable results.

Our Programs 

We do not change what your business is already using but instead, we focus on improving the skills of your team in utilising your tools to be effective and gain success. Our transformative self-leadership skills will increase the performance of the organisation without the need for changing or purchasing different tools.

Our Profile

Master of Project Management Australia and our Working Smart method will give you the training that will cater to your business need to make sure that your organisation will be able to operate more effectively.

We provide certified coaches and skilled facilitators to ensure that coaching and enhancement of such skills are executed perfectly.

Our Learning Link gives you a daily supply of productivity straight into your inbox to continue to help you be the best on your skills.

Priority Management is also recorded with the Project Management Institute as a Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.).

Our Courses 

We provide different learning programs that will enable your team to use your current tools and be productive in their day to day tasks by focusing on what is important and being efficient with their tasks.

Master of Project Management Courses 

Our courses provide hands-on skills instruction and practical improvement solutions for every individual of your organisation to develop the skills and knowledge of project management.

Project Planning Breakthroughs

  • A certified process is clear to understand and can be easily applied by the entire team.
  • This program in Master of Project Management Courses integrates contingency planning by applying ” Scenario Estimating”. It gives a smooth sketch of the basics while concentrating on a much-improved way to solve different obstacles of producing a project execution program.
  • A 3-day course using case study projects to use principles and methods for success. Participants will be grouped to plan and work in teams.

Priority Planning 

  • It helps your organisation to enhance your priority planning process. Handle bigger projects at a quicker pace and know what is urgent and important. Knowing what to prioritise in every task at hand despite the increasing demand at work.
  • This program, under the Master of Project Management Courses, is going to develop the skills needed to enhance your performance at work and provide positive results.
  • This is a 1 day or 1/2-day course that will enable associates to create a plan for key business objectives.

Fundamentals of Microsoft Projects

  • This course will assist you immediately to be better in using MS Project application into your tasks.
  • Use techniques that will monitor different projects carefully.
  • This is a 1-day instructor-led with a coaching session to ensure learning.

Working Smart with Microsoft Project 

  • With the use of Microsoft Project, this program under the Master of Project Management Courses will enable you to learn new techniques and methods to be effective in using the tool.
  • This will be a 1- day program.

Working Smart with Microsoft Teams

  • This program uses the Working Smart method under the Master of Project Management Courses to improve performance.
  • It is a 1-day instructor-led course followed by a coaching session.
  • This course will enable you to manage workload and focus on what needs to be prioritised using existing tools that will benefit the organisation.
  • Integrating tasks, workload, communications, and other activities using the Working Smart program.


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