PMP Certification Course Sydney

Sydney is responsible for over 7% of Australia’s economy. This is partly because of the sheer number of businesses based in the city. Currently, the professional, technical, and scientific industries make up 22.4% of Sydney’s registered businesses. This gives the city a considerable economic advantage, especially with the diversity of the working population in the area. Our Experts provide PMP Certification Course Sydney area.

For many of these businesses to succeed, large-scale projects need to be competently managed by one or a few project management professionals or PMPs. It is no surprise that this line of work is particularly competitive in Sydney. If you happen to be a PMP yourself, how do you stand out?

Why Additional Credentials Matter

Combining your hands-on experience and qualifications can give you an edge and make you more recognised in your field, no matter what your career is. You can further bolster your authority as a project manager by getting a PMP certification. This is a globally recognised credential that serves as proof that you are serious about your profession as a PMP and continually seek to better yourself in that trade.

What You Need Before Applying to get a PMP Certification

If you already have a fair amount of real-world experience as a project manager, getting a PMP certification is a logical next step. Before applying for the programme, you will need the following requirements:

  • Completion of 4-year degree OR high school diploma or an associate degree (or global equivalent)
  • A minimum of 3 years of leading projects OR 5 years if you only have a high school diploma or associate degree
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification

Once you’ve completed these requirements, you will be allowed to take the exam to see if you are eligible for the certification. After passing the exam, you simply need to maintain your credentials by continuing your education in order to stay current.

Why get a PMP Certification?

There is no doubt that preparing to take a PMP certification exam can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. It is a huge commitment that can seem intimidating to others. So why is having a PMP Certificationworth having?  Gaining a PMP Certificate course Sydney will:

  1. Addvalue to your resume or job profile. If you really want to make a lasting first impression, always maximise your value when listing your experience, skills and achievements for prospective employers, potential clients, and industry colleagues. Optimising your resume and work-related profiles play a huge role in making you stand out in your industry. By including a PMP Certification on a detailed resume or profile, you can position yourself as an expert in your field to build authority and make potential employers and clients interested in working with you.
  2. Make you an authority in your industry. If you are serious about getting ahead in the project management industry, you can certainly benefit from having a PMP certification. It is an internationally recognised credential that will allow you to work with any kind of company in any country as a project manager. There is also sufficient market data that proves that any project under someone with a PMP Certification usually has a better success rate.
  3. Expand your current skill set. Unlike other certification programmes, the PMP Certification course focuses on the project management industry as a whole. You receive holistic training and education where you can develop new skills that can make you a more versatile and valuable worker. Moreover, you can learn all these new concepts and practises in a shorter span of time than you would from just work experience.
  4. Increase your potential income. A certification training is considered an investment for a reason. The extra skills attained from PMP Certification courses will certainly make you more of an asset, as your additional knowledge may be relevant to many different types of businesses. Many companies are willing to pay good money to project managers who know what they are doing, leading to better job security for certified project management professionals.
  5. Provide networking opportunities. As you become recognised as an expert with a PMP certification, you also get noticed by big players in the project management space. You might become part of an exclusive club for PMPs and get invited to events where you can mingle with other PMPs, learn from them and market your services as well. Not only can you expand your professional network, but you may find getting much easier.
  6. Validate your commitment to a job. Since PMP Certification courses have high standards, opting to apply for it and pass the exam shows that you are serious about your work. Companies usually reward employees who invest in themselves professionally, as it shows a willingness to become an experienced worker on a long-term basis. Additionally, going through the PMP Certification programme can also offer you a fresh perspective that can help reinvigorate your passion for the industry.


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