PMP Certification Courses Melbourne

No matter what kind of niche you work in as a project management professional or PMP, expanding your knowledge and skillset is an important part of improving your expertise. Continuing your education in order to stay current is an effective and beneficial way of doing so, as it makes you more valuable as an employee. There are a lot of project management certification programmes out there, but none are as holistic or as comprehensive as the PMP Certification courses Melbourne.

It is for this reason that a PMP Certification is a globally recognised credential for any project manager, making it one of the best programmes you can enrol in. Many centres provide PMP Certification courses but here is why Priority Management is one of the best options:

  1. We provide flexible and practical in-house training that works for you. At Priority Management, we understand how busy your schedule as a project manager can be. This is why we come to you to provide many of our comprehensive training courses in-house, including our PMP Certification courses. That way, you do not need to waste time and energy going to our training centres from work. Simply tell us the location and we will be there. We have trainers based in Melbourne, Sydney, and more.
  2. We provide courses accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Our team takes pride in always being able to market and present our courses clearly and accurately. We ensure that all ASQA-accredited courses are correctly labelled and also have the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo. Additionally, we assess all students who enrol in these programmes based on their qualifications prior to the start of the course and upon completion as well.
    All results from these assessments will be forwarded to ASQA through AVETMISS and will be made available online for participants to access as well. Our ASQA-accredited assessments and courses are also exempt from the goods and services tax in Australia.
  3. We customise your training programme. Priority Management has a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy that allows us to tailor your training according to your needs and past certifications. If you happen to have any previous National Vocational Education and Training Regulator (NVR) qualifications, we take them into account while designing your programme.
    Our team can create a plan that will optimise your learning while making sure you do not take any courses you have already taken before. This can be done through an assessment to gauge your competency in certain aspects of the course.
  4. We comply with Commonwealth, State, and Territory legislation. In compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, we ensure that all our courses are safe, updated, and accessible to everyone. Our assessment procedures will always be lawful and unbiased, conducted based on the person’s merit in a fair manner.
  5. We ensure that our training can be transferred to your workplace. Aside from providing in-house training, we also make it a point that participants are able to apply what they learn into their daily work. We do this by ensuring that all exercises and procedures are done in a stimulating and participatory environment under our qualified facilitators. Our trainers are also aware that 1-2 days of workshops is usually never enough; as such, they can provide longer sessions according to people’s needs.
    Additionally, we ask for feedback from participants which we keep on record to ensure that we maintain and improve the quality of our services. At Priority Management, we always strive to ensure that our courses and assessments will always be up to par with people’s standards and requirements.


Start working on your PMP course in Melbourne with Priority Management today. For additional information, please email us at or call 1300 139 126. You may also send us an enquiry by completing the form on our Contact Us page.